Corrugated structures

Structure, assembled from metal structural elements (sheets), provided with a closed or open loop in the bottom, designed for:

  • Transport facilities - bridges, water pipes, overpasses, pedestrian and other crossings, retaining walls.
  • Urban planning utilities - storm water sewers, drainage, utility lines galleries, tunnels, underground passages.
  • Corrugated structures (including corrugated pipes) are used in any, even the most severe or hottest climatic conditions, since the notion of physical deterioration is virtually non-applicable to corrugated metal structures. With a minimum thickness of metal, used to manufacture a corrugated metal structure, its flexibility and resistance is enhanced with backfill soil.
  • All this allows to minimize the maintenance costs for the facilities, at which the corrugated metal structures are used. The corrugated structures service life reaches 100 years. If necessary, they can be dismantled with an option of reuse.


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