Metal lighting poles represent a key component of street lighting installations on highways and conventional roads, bridges, public gardens and parks, villages, towns, curtilages, gas stations, sports facilities, etc. Lighting fixtures shall be mounted particularly on them. The poles design represent a post, installed in the ground with an equipment maintenance hatch at the bottom and fixtures for the lights mounting and connection.

The scope of application of metal non-power poles - functional and decorative lighting of any facilities areas: roads, open spaces, landscaping of streets, yards, alleys, boulevards, public gardens, embankments, cottage villages, office, shopping and entertainment centres, gas stations and car dealerships, schools and childcare institutions, adjacent areas of public buildings.

The scope of application of power metal poles - lighting of transport infrastructure, mains lighting, areas of bridges, parks and yards, squares and boulevards, cottage villages, gas stations and car dealerships.

Faceted railway systems power poles are designed for straight line hanger of urban electric transport (tram and trolleybus lines), outdoor lighting electrical network aerial cables suspension (ABC - aerial bundled cables), installation advertising, information boards and other structures.

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